Secrets…I Wanna Know

As I am sure that you have all noticed… dating sucks!  It is dang hard, and it is exhausting. Most of us have tried different variations of dating, whether that be through online services or conventions to help us improve our “game”. I love all the resources and have participated in many of them, but I always felt that they were selling some secret to dating a “one size fits all”. I tried a lot of the things that they said and still none of it seemed to work. I felt a little better about myself, but still… I was single! I am here to tell you that I am not going to try and sell you some secret to dating. I have here to tell you what I have learned and noticed in dating.  

The next series of articles will be based on questions that I have asked my single friends about what they wish guys knew or girls knew. Again, this isn’t a secret, but hopefully it can help us get back to the good kind of dating, where a guy asks girl, or a girl can ask a guy (whatever floats your boat), both situations should be possible. I will be honest with you now. Girls, the guy should ask you. Hopefully with these question that I have asked will help guys pluck up the courage and ask you, huh?

Now that you know that I am not going to tell you “how to get the girl” or “how to get the guy” what am I going to do then? Well, the reason that dating is so hard is because of you, yeah that’s right. It is you, and me, and the other single person eating lunch on campus, or at work. We don’t communicate anymore, and we play this mind reading game! As far as I know, no one can read minds. Unless X-men is real and there are mutants out there. I am guilty of this, I was at a point in my life that if guy was sitting close to me (That I thought was cute) and we happened to brush arms or legs in class “by accident”, I would tell my girlfriends later “well, I didn’t move away so that would be enough to tell him that I like him, right?” NOPE, that was wrong. Guys are not that observant. Sorry, fellas, but I don’t think that you can deny that. As for girls, we read into every little thing, thinking that there might be something there that tells us that he likes us. There isn’t much that I can tell you to get “The Guy” or “The Girl” to want you, but there are things that I want to share with you that have really changed how I feel about me, and helped me find My Single Identity.  

This leads to the title of my blog. My Single Identity. This can go for those that aren’t single, but as for right now, I am focusing on the singles in the group. We need to find who we are as single individuals. You need to know who you are if you are single, dating, engaged, or married. If you lose who you are as an individual, then you will lose who you are in a relationship. Your significant other is with you for who you are (hopefully, if not, then RUN!). So I want to help you see who you are and be ready for the “The Guy” or “The Girl”. Trust me there will be some dating advice here, and stories of my own to showcase my points, and to give you a good laugh. I can guarantee that you will see similarities in your dating experiences, and where you need to find more of your identity. 

I am depending on all of you to let me know what you want to hear! I have so much that I want to tell you, but I want it to be what you want to hear! Please comment below and talk to me. The better that you know me and the better that I know your needs and wants the better our conversations will be! Hear from you soon! Love yous! 

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