What Do You Deserve?

This has been on my mind for some time. There is a huge issue today with the people we date and what we think we deserve. Are you one of those people that feels hopeless about finding the right person? You feel that overall you will have to settle, eventually? Well, I am here to tell you that you don’t have, as a matter of fact you shouldn’t.

For the past few months, I have been in contact with this guy. We met online. Things were going really well. We even found out that we were living in the same city on the east coast a few years ago. We never ran into each other. Everything felt like this could be something really good. We weren’t able to meet in person. We had planned for October when he would be able to meet up. If you notice that date hasn’t passed yet. That is due to the fact that through this experience, I decided what I deserved. No one else decided that for me. This has to be a decision you make. No one can make this for you.

Now, why did I make that decision that I deserved more? What was it about this guy that wasn’t enough for me? There was a lot of “benefit of the doubt” being used. You might wonder why that is a bad thing. I don’t think there is anything wrong with giving someone the benefit of the doubt, but not when that is all that I do. Eventually, I got to a point with this guy where I was only giving the benefit of the doubt. I had nothing to show me that this wasn’t the way that he actually was. There were missed Face times, phone calls, and eventually just silence. He made promises to keep in contact, but I soon found out that this was something that he couldn’t do. You might be thinking that I was expecting too much of him. I wouldn’t blame you. I thought that a lot of the time. After all, we never decided that we were an official couple.

Let’s talk about the reasons for me deciding that I deserved better. I found promises were broken, and I spent a few nights waiting for him, to find that he would never come or call. I found this that I was missing things; characteristics in a person that I would like to see a future with. I would like to have someone that thought it important to keep smaller promises. I simply had to make a decision about what I wanted for my future.

This is what I hope for all of you. To make a decision based on your worth. I am here to tell you that you deserve the world. You deserve the best, but you must be what you want to deserve! You deserve the world and so does the person that you chose to have in your life. Search within yourself, and you will find your worth. What about who you are pining for or who you are currently with? Are they who you deserve and they do they make you the happiest you have ever been? Or are you settling for something less, because that is what you think you deserve? If they don’t make you happy or you find that you are giving everything without receiving, Then it is time you make a decision, a hard one, but one that will be worth it. Good luck, tell me how it goes. Send me an email about your stories!


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