What he should know

Do’s and Don’ts, Gentlemen

Now is the time gentlemen! You are going to get a deep insider on the “Do’s and Don’ts” with women! Remember these Do’s don’t guarantee the girl, and the Don’ts don’t guarantee that she will respond the way that you want her to. She still has a choice and her own preferences. Hopefully these tips will better your chances though, huh? 😉 Don’t worry, there will be a detailed article for the women as well!

There are so many times that people will talk to large groups about dating and being in a relationship, but we have forgotten how to get into relationships! We have lost out touch! What happened to being friends with the people that you date? What happened to putting in the effort to getting to know someone? There is so much missing, no wonder we are having a hard time finding people that are “our type”.

Let me tell you gentleman, how you can improve the chances with that woman that you have had your eyes on for the past couple of months. I am going to put this right out there. The man should ask the woman! I am “old fashion” and you will find that most women are. That isn’t to say that a woman can’t ask a guy if she would like to (I have done it… a lot). We are in a unique time, where a woman can find many ways to define who she is, if asking a man on a date helps her do that, then she should be free to. But gentlemen, the biggest “Do” that you can do it to ASK HER OUT… IN PERSON! No more texting(This is a don’t if you didn’t catch that). If you want her to be negative about the evening that you spend with her, this is the biggest way to do it. Texting is lazy, and tells her that you really don’t care that much whether she says yes or no. Trust me, I know that it can be terrifying, but it will be worth it to catch her attention don’t you think? Let me answer that one for you… YES!

Be a gentleman. Some women are weird about this now a days,but if you want a good woman that is strong and gentle… open her door for her.(There are a couple of red flags here that I will get into in another article,stay tuned). Push her chair in. Allow her to sit down first. Be gracious and kind to her. If you find this weird and just out of date, fine date a girl that does everything for herself, she doesn’t need you, to be happy. To each his own, I really mean that. Not all these tips work for everyone. But, if you want her to know that you like her (without coming right out and saying it, that is)treat her like a princess. There is a “don’t” that comes along with this. I have a story to go with this one.

There was a date that I went on with a guy that I could tell was really interested (his boss told me that he was before he asked me) I was pretty positive that I wasn’t interested in him, but I couldn’t say that I knew that for sure. I decided to say yes to at least one date. While we were out, we have some good conversation, but I only heard one thing from him. “Everything that you say is perfect”, “you never say anything wrong”, “you should write book”, and that went on the entire date. It was very kind of him to say, but it was a lot to live up to. On the first date, his first impression of me was that I was perfect? He was going to be severely disappointed later if we ever started dating as a couple. Don’t overload her with compliments. Compliment her enough that she feels important and special to you, not that you worship the ground she walks on.

The BIGGEST “Do”. BE YOURSELF! Never be worried about being yourself, she doesn’t like you, then she doesn’t deserve you. Find someone that you are comfortable being around and is comfortable being themselves around you. We are never who we really are on the first couple of dates, give it time to build that comfort, but if you are friends first then this will come more easily. Here is the “Don’t” Just because she says that she feels comfortable with you, doesn’t mean that she is into you. Don’t loose hope gentlemen. There will be more to come on how to recognize when a girl is interested. Stay tuned!