What she should know

Time for the Ladies!

Oh ladies! You are amazing! Really, this isn’t told to you enough. These days are tough and hard, but women will rise above it! We have a lot coming our way about who we are and who we should be. I am going to tell you what I think about that… It is BULL CRAP! Society puts so much pressure on us to be something that we are not. The only thing that we should be, is ourselves. Sometimes that can be hard to find though. I remember when I was younger I was asked that I like to do. I never really had an answer. I loved dancing and music, but those were things that I taking classes for, they didn’t really define me. I had no idea what it mean to “be myself”. This all all about the “Do’s” and “Don’ts” of dating, and I am going to make sure that it is all about being yourself, before anything else. 

There are somethings that we do that aren’t the best versions of ourselves. No of this “playing hard to get” business. If you do it too much, the buy is going to give up and go for someone else. I know that somewhere, someone said that it would be a good idea, but that isn’t true. The guy wants to feel confident that you are into him as well. Show him that you are interested… by being you. Don’t shy away from him, because you don’t want to seem too available. You might be surprised that he will take you being honest, refreshing. Just the other day, I was on an online dating site, and I noticed that there was a guy that I thought was really cute, but I was tired of messaging people until we got bored and then never spoke again. So I cut to the chase, I said “Why don’t we skip the chit chat and meet? ;)” (Gotta add the winking face) and he loved it! His respond shocked me really! He put a smiley face with heart eyes and said “I love that idea!” I was still being me, while putting myself out there. We will have to see where this all goes as we keep this up! Try it ladies! See what happens! 

I have a friend that asked me “Why don’t women respond to text messages” and “Why do they say yes to a date that they don’t want to go on?” I can definitely understand that responding can be hard sometimes. I am honestly, terrible at it. I forget all of the time, even when I want to talk to them. I asked this friend “What would help, saying that we couldn’t respond right away?” they said to say a little something about why we couldn’t answer. If it is early on in the relationship, don’t share more that you two are comfortable with, but let him know that whatever you were doing you were thinking about it and wanting to respond. As for saying “yes” to dates that we don’t want to do on. No is an option too. I believe in say “yes” to at least one date. I don’t know for sure that I am not interested until I have given it a try, and I feel that one date will give you what you need to know that. But remember, you don’t need to go because he said so. You have a choice! Never forget that! Men don’t like to feel used that you are just going out with them to get a free dinner,  alright! If you don’t have those feelings be honest with them. 

There is nothing more worth it than finding someone that likes you for you. So be you, don’t be afraid! Be the best version of you that you can be and you will find a man worthy of you! Good luck ladies and let me know how it goes!